Torture: More Fun in the Phillipines!

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On the eve of the debate on the Protection of Life in Pregnancy (Amendment) (Fatal Foetal Abnormalities) Bill 2013, Amnesty International Ireland is calling on the Government to recognise that the Constitution is no excuse for human rights violations. 

Malaysian authorities must immediately drop politically motivated sedition charges against a lawyer who could face up to three years in prison over a tweet criticising an Islamic state agency, Amnesty International said. 

A new report from Amnesty International throws the spotlight on the human face of Syria’s refugee crisis, through the stories of eight people and families who have fled the conflict and are struggling to survive in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

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Elena Klimova created a website to support LGBTI teenagers. She has been ordered to pay a fine and Children 404 risks being shut down.

The Indonesian authorities executed six people by firing squad on 18 January. Nine more people are at risk of execution.

Raif Badawi was flogged in public 50 times on the 9 January. He has 950 lashes and nearly a decade in prison left to serve - simply for blogging about free speech.

Good News

This morning I woke up to the news that “Guadalupe”, a young woman unjustly imprisoned in El Salvador after having a miscarriage, had been pardoned. 

A pardon granted by El Salvador’s Parliamentary Assembly to a young woman imprisoned after suffering a miscarriage is a triumph of justice and gives hope to the other 15 women languishing in jail on similar charges, said Amnesty International. 

The Dominican Republic has decriminalised abortion where pregnancy poses a risk to the life of a pregnant woman or girl, in cases where the foetus will be unable to survive outside the womb, and in cases where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.